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So you’ve got a great book idea—a tale, a subject, or an expertise that excites you. Maybe you’ve finished a rough draft or don't know where to start. Or it’s nearly ready for agent submission or self-publication. You’re a doer, not a dreamer—and that is no small feat. 

Of course your mom, spouse, or best friend think it’s perfect. 

But are you on the right track? Is it marketable? How’s the “voice” (and why should you care)? Maybe the perfect title is elusive or could be so much better. Save yourself countless hours of frustration, misdirection, and premature financial over-commitment. Let me help you get on the right track and stay motivated with my industry knowledge and honest personal assessment. ASK A BOOK EDITOR can provide invaluable feedback. Sometimes a small nudge or fresh thought can offer clarity and make a HUGE difference.

Consider it Editorial Therapy. You’ll have my ear, my knowledge and experience, my candid honesty, and, most of all, my gut and honed instinct.

I'm here to take your passion and hard work to the next level. Together, let's make your first impression count.

Take the leap and set up a session, or use the form at the bottom of this page to enquire whether the service is right for you.

other editorial services (including developmental and line editing) available upon request.

NY Book Editors "Editing Your Book" panel at Story Expo NY 2018

NY Book Editors "Editing Your Book" panel at Story Expo NY 2018


What can ASK A BOOK EDITOR do for you?

determine if an idea's marketable


"Marketability" isn't a dirty word if your goal is to find readers and grow success. Publishing is both art and business. I've worked with big name clients and understand what will and won't sell. I'll approach your work and ideas from an invaluable critical eye--not to tear it down but to advise you on whether or not you have a viable project in today's marketplace. If not, we can look at ways to possibly shift or boost its potential. 

grab and hold readers' interest


Whether it's a manuscript or a nonfiction book proposal, seamless pacing, a strong "voice," and smart organization are together the cornerstone of making your work unputdownable. ASK A BOOK EDITOR can help tighten plotting or ideas, point out redundancies or distracting tangents, and indicate what may be missing or should be elaborated. 

make the best first impression


You've worked long and hard perfecting your craft but a cryptic (or super snoozy) title or the wrong start or tone can unnecessarily set you up for failure. There's no denying the power of first impressions. Let's be sure yours is nothing less than "Wow. I'm intrigued."  


build yor brand


Books can serve as a powerful tool toward raising your profile, building an audience, and opening new doors and opportunities. I've helped build brands on all different levels. Together, let's explore what excites you most and determine a possible path toward sharing your unique knowledge to become a trusted expert. ASK A BOOK EDITOR can help new or existing brands grow or thrive. 

bypass common "rookie" mistakes


Get a leg up on the competition. Publishing has its own preferences, often confusing terms, gatekeepers, and industry protocol. From proper standard formatting to choosing non-cringe-worthy comparative titles to how to present yourself, ASK A BOOK EDITOR can show you how to look like a pro and feel like a true insider. 


save countless hours of frustration 


Sometimes you just need to hear the truth. Maybe something is not working or you've been going about it the wrong way. ASK A BOOK EDITOR gets straight to the point, no messing around. Whether it's during the writing, revision, or publishing process, it's the invaluable resource you need to save you time and sanity plus avoid costly and pointless errors. 

Streamline your publishing process


Whether you pursue traditional or self-publication, the process can often feel like a minefield of missteps. Let ASK A BOOK EDITOR help you navigate the detail-oriented process and demystify the ins and outs. With it on your side, get ready for increased confidence and productivity.

pitch your project like a pro


Succinctly pitching a work--via a "logline," an irresistible query letter, a book proposal's description, or cover copy--is often the hardest challenge. ASK A BOOK EDITOR can help foster the confidence and clarity to effectively distill the heart and "hook" of a project and show you how to become its most engaging advocate. 

Get and Stay Inspired!


My editorial style has been described by authors as "a writer's dream," "uncannily perceptive," "at once calming and inspiring," "contagious enthusiasm," and a "razor-sharp scalpel of just what readers want to read." Together, let's produce your best work yet.


I know how to steer big ideas into even bigger books.
— Patrick Price


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