Steer your ideas. Inspire your best work.

What to Expect

Editorial Therapy


Steer your ideas. Inspire your best work.

From "big picture" thoughts to helpful direction in the details, ASK A BOOK EDITOR is your honest and accessible editorial soundboard. Each "Power Hour" is an opportunity to talk about your work and goals, improve your craft, build a brand, or explore whatever's most important to you. You've got my ear, expertise, and 25 years' publishing experience with the biggest publishers on the planet. Let me help demystify the process. Sometimes a small nudge or insight can make a HUGE difference and offer clarity. 



Here's the chance to tell me a little about yourself, the work in progress, and your particular needs. This will help me prep for our future session, maximizing the productive hour ahead. If useful, you can submit sample material of up to 7,500 words for advance review.

You select the level of sessions, communication style preference (phone or Skype), a convenient date and time, and secure, easy online payment options (via Paypal, Stripe, or Apple Pay).

Creativity shouldn't have to wait, so appointments are made available within 48 hours of booking.


pre-session prep

Prior to our phone or Skype session appointment, you have the option of sharing up to 7,500 words of reading material, such as sample chapters, book proposal, outline, query letter, summary, or notes. 

Or maybe it’s early in the process and we simply brainstorm your idea or project and its potential market.

YOU decide what you most need help with to succeed.


the power hour (phone call or skype session)

At the designated appointment time, I'll be in touch, fully-prepared to dive in. 

You control the conversation. Each hour-long session is there to discuss your work, intent, and whatever's most useful to you. You've got my ear and expertise.

There are NO dumb questions. See FAQs for more details or explore possible topics at link below.


*Other editorial services (including developmental and line editing) also available upon request.*

Contact me for more information.