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My Editorial Husband. Without you this process wouldn’t be as fun or seamless. Thanks for getting me. You are my written ROCK.
— Tori Spelling, actress/author
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Being new to the book world, Greg [Behrendt] and I didn’t know what to expect when we began the process of writing He’s Just Not That Into You. But working with Patrick could not have been a more positive experience. His strong vision, patience, and gentle touch guided us through the process perfectly. We are very, very lucky to have him on our side!
— Liz Tuccillo, coauthor of He's Just Not That Into You

Patrick’s editing style is a writer’s dream. He’s able to cut through the chaos with common sense, and he’s at once calming and inspiring, and, most important, able to make you think his ideas for improvement are your own. And if he’d edited this, believe me it would be a much better quote.
— Stefanie Wider-Taylor, author of Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay 007.jpg

You taught me how to use my voice. . . Your ability to give me the courage, tools, and encouragement I needed to make this “MINE” was unbelievable. Thank you!
— Matt DeCoursey, author/founder and CEO of GigaBook

Patrick Price (or as we like to call him Patrick Priceless), our absolutely fabulous editor and most dedicated supporter. We’re so freakin’ thankful we found you. We couldn’t have done it without you.
— Howard J. Morriss and Jenny Lee

An extra special shout out to my most awesome editor Patrick Price. Not only did he take a chance on a first-time author, he is the type of development person that writers hope for. One that helps the artist find his voice, and then makes it louder.
— Chris Mancini, author of Pacify Me

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Possessed such contagious enthusiasm
for the book that I was instantly smitten...
— Tim Gunn

Patrick Price, you turn straw into gold, my friend.
— Alison Sweeney, actress/author

Patrick, thank you for breathing life into my book and making it ready for public consumption! So happy to be working with you to make this manuscript a published reality.
— Julia Ford-Carther