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Are you available to read and edit my complete manuscript?

YES, depending on my current workload and if I feel I'm the best editorial fit for your needs, I do take on larger projects. If so, there's generally a per project flat fee, payable half on signing of the agreement and half on delivery of line-edited manuscript. Service includes one round of a thorough line-edit using Track Changes, an accompanying editorial memo (in addition to inserted comments in the manuscript itself), plus a follow-up call to discuss once you've had time to review my edit. Cost varies per project, depending on the scope of the work. 

Contact me for more information.  

Do you edit fiction and nonfiction? Any specific genres or categories?

YES, I flexibly edit works of fiction and nonfiction for both an adult and YA (Young Adult) audience. My sensibility is eclectic and unabashedly commercial. I offer a broad knowledge of Adult prescriptive and narrative nonfiction in the categories of memoir, relationships, self-help, modern parenting, lifestyle, LGBTQ, health, business, and humor among others. Within fiction, I'm particularly drawn to all shades of suspense and thrillers plus a good sense of humor.  

Please note that I DO NOT edit children's books, including picture or chapter books. 

Can you truly evaluate my work from reading only 7,500 words?

Simply put, YES. 

FACT: Agents and acquisition editors love discovering new talent but they are stretched thin. The fate of your submission or query is often decided in less than ten pages, sometimes only one, and nearly never more than fifty. "Keep going and you'll get to the good stuff" is surefire rejection. You've got one shot to make a great first impression. 

Whether it's a partial manuscript, an outline, or a query letter, an expert editorial eye can assess an idea and its execution. Publishing is honed instinct, not science (or every book would be a best seller). The important questions is: Does it make you want to keep reading?

Will you help me get an agent or a publishing deal?

ASK A BOOK EDITOR is not a direct referral service. Occasionally, at my own discretion, I may recommend a potential agent but there is no guarantee of representation or a publication deal. That said, I can share ways to aid your own agent research during a Power Hour session.

The goal of ASK A BOOK EDITOR is to help and inspire you to create your most marketable work. Ultimately, the stronger your idea and manuscript, the more likely it will grab the attention of an agent or put you on the path toward successful self-publication.

Unfortunately no. Children's publishing is unique and I know nothing about its market.

You would benefit from someone who specializes in children's books.

Do you work with children's books?