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Ask a Book Editor: 7 Reasons to Start Writing Your Book Today

I know it’s hard. It’s a little scary to put yourself and your words out there.

You see, I too write—yet far less often than I wish.

As creative people, thoughts and ideas are often pulling us in every direction…except forward. Sometimes we just need a little push.

Well, here’s the wake-up call to start writing your book TODAY:

  1. No one else can tell the story or explore the topic like you can. Writing is alchemy, filled with parts, dreams, history, and ideas of its creator. Only you can bring YOUR voice to the reader.

  2. It’s not going to magically write itself. All the talk (or research or notes) in the world won’t manifest your vision into reality.

  3. If ignored, ideas dim or leave us. Everyone knows what’s it like to wake from an incredibly vivid dream that becomes only a foggy notion or completely erased by the time you take your first sip of coffee. You have to respect and honor inspiration’s arrival. If you don’t put out the welcome mat, eventually it shrugs and departs for a friendlier reception. Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic brilliantly explores the subject of creativity. Just don’t use reading Gilbert’s book to delay your writing start (I know all the tricks of procrastination).

  4. It doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, it won’t be perfect. It can even be a HOT MESS at the start. That’s okay. But it can’t get better if there’s nothing to revisit. You can’t see what works and revise what doesn’t if you don’t start. (See #2.)

  5. You have the necessary drive to make it happen. Instead of crippling fear, ask yourself, Why not? What’s the worst that can happen? Do it for YOU, not hypothetical readers or critics. Imagine how good it will feel to chase away the what-if regrets.

  6. It gets easier. Notice I said “easier,” not “easy.” This is a grounded pep talk. But once you pass the starting gate hurdle, you will discover moments of creative joy, time “in the zone,” and well-earned pride for pursuing what so many others only fantasize.

  7. If you get stuck, need an expert eye, or finish and think, Now what?, you’ve got all the services of Ask a Book Editor available to help you achieve your goal.

It’s 2019. What are you waiting for?