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Ask a Book Editor: 4 Surefire Ways to Keep Readers Turning the Pages

As readers, there’s no better feeling than when we can’t put down a book.

But how do you keep readers invested in your work? How do you get them to tune out everything else and gladly get lost in your words?

Here’s a shortlist of vital ways to hold readers’ interest. And they don’t apply to thrillers only, as every work should be thrilling in its own way. Otherwise, the placed bookmark will simply note where the reader moved on.

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Ask a Book Editor: Indie Publishing Services Available from Start to Finish

Congrats to Chris Roberts on the publication of his inspiring personal tale, You’ve Earned It!

Increasingly, indie publishing can be a viable alternative to the “query and wait/pray” path of traditional publication. If you’re willing to invest in yourself, producing a polished book helps build one’s vital “platform” and share your ideas or story with others. And with print-on-demand (POD) and ebook formats, no longer is “self-publishing” a dirty word or synonymous with a car trunk or closet stacked with books.

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Ask a Book Editor: Everything You Never Thought to Ask About Your Author Photo

Even the most camera-shy should get with the picture. Like an appealing cover and a strong book title, a quality author photo is an essential part of the publication “package” for both indie and traditionally published authors in most any format or genre.

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Ask a Book Editor: 7 First Novel Blunders to Avoid

As daunting as it can seem, most literary agents and acquiring editors are open to discovering new talent. And a big part of that is reading first novel manuscripts. Unfortunately, first novels too often share writing tics, quirky choices, or downright clichés. These common missteps can hurt your chance of being the brilliant gem in their inbox.

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9 Tips for Mastering the Introduction to Your Nonfiction Book

Crafting the Introduction to a nonfiction book—especially for works of “prescriptive nonfiction” (e.g., how-to, self-help, anything offering advice or insight)—is often one of the hardest tasks writers face. There’s so much self-pressure to make it perfect that many a promising idea is paralyzed or abandoned before even reaching Chapter One. But it doesn’t have to be intimidating.

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